Dear friends!

With our films, books, and also even our advertising clips, we pride ourselves on reflecting the dazzling variety of this world through the special prism of the Russian cultural perspective, with what Dostoyevsky termed its "universal responsiveness" to the human condition.

Our goal is to share that unique Russian perspective as broadly as we can, and to allow our viewers to learn about Russia in the broadest possible context.  To give but one example, it was thanks to the “Russian Hour” show that a unique discovery was made: the inhabitants of the northern-most Orkney Islands share common DNA with the people of pre-historic Kiev Rus. Our film about this unknown connection won Russia`s Golden Tambourine prize for documentary film.

As Dostoyevsky once wrote: "Our goal is to be universal, and to reach all of humanity, not by the sword, but by by the force of universal understanding and the desire to find common ground in our own humanity."

In this spirit, we at “Russian Hour” take pride in being not just a Russo-British company, but a universal one, sponsoring and celebrating cultural and economic development in every region of the globe. In addition to our main bases in Moscow and London, we also have partnerships in Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Toronto, Tokyo and Davao City, as well as strategic relationships sometimes in the most unexpected of places, for example, the Orkney Islands.

Welcome to the “Russian Hour”!   Happy viewing!

Yours sincerely,
Alexander KOROBKO
CEO, "Russian Hour", A&A INFORM LTD.